Wide Angle Photo

A wide-angle lens refers to a lens whose focal length is substantially smaller than the normal lens for a given film plane. This type of lens allows more of the scene to be included in the photo(as shown in the graph below), which is useful in architectural photography where the photographer may not be able to move farther from the scene to photograph it.


The reason behind the wide-angle trick is simple, its spherical surface ensures an angle of coverage of 110 degrees or more. By contrast, iPhone or normal lens has an angle of coverage of only 40°-60°.

I believe now you understand why the pictures taken inside your room with smartphone are much narrower than you think, to shoot the full picture you might try to cram yourself back against the wall but it doesn’t help much because the coverage angle of your smartphone or camera is limited. In this case our photographers can definitely help you out 🙂

360estate photographers use full-frame high resolution DSLR cameras and the top-notch wide-angle lens: Ultra wide-angle lens, with coverage angle of maximum 122 degrees. This lens zooms out far enough to make rooms look large and spacious without causing any distortion or unrealistic proportions(Ultra wide-angle lens is different from fisheye lens, which will produce dramatically distorted photos). With these cutting-edge devices plus our professional photography skills and retouching techniques, we can present your property in the best possible way.

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